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Versium empowers businesses with the data tools and insights they need to win customers. Its proprietary identity platform and data technology platform help marketers better identify, understand and reach their ideal customer, every time.

Versium REACH

Why Versium?

  • Top quality first-party data and contact point validation
  • Advanced data intelligence and insights
  • Enables vast omnichannel marketing reach
  • Improved attribution tracking

Automated entity resolution

  • Real-time entity mapping with tuned degrees of resolution provides maximum flexibility, increases targeting match rates, and can eliminate synthetic identities
  • Automated AI and ETL improves data quality, standardization, and normalization
  • Unique B2B2C entity indexing maps consumer contact points to business professional contact points to substantially improve digital reach of business prospects
  • Cross-device, IP, and lat/long mapping
  • Remote third-party data ingestion and mapping
Versium's Identity Graph
The Versium Identity Graph is the powerhouse at the core of all Versium products + services.

Proprietary data

  • 7 B+ U.S. identity parameters across 300+ million consumers, 60+ million business professionals, and 30+ million businesses
  • 3 T+ rich insights attributes provide maximum data intelligence and improved segmentation
  • High frequency data update/refresh rates (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Automated data visualization provides easy-to-read, actionable insights


  • Strong controls over data privacy, sourcing, and usage
  • PII encryption can be indexed to customized external unique identifiers
  • Enables suppression control, tracking, and maintenance

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"We chose Versium for their unique ability to crosswalk a business identity with a consumer identity in a way that’s more attainable than the competition."

– AnnMarie Wills, CEO & Co-Founder of Leverage Lab

Unique ID Parameters

Insight Attributes

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Versium is a data technology company operating a powerful B2B2C identity graph that fuels tools and services that delight marketers.

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